The head of Ripple is confident that NFT tokens will help the environment

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said in a recent interview with Cointelegraph at the World Economic Forum that NFT tokens can be of great help in areas of society where they have never been involved before.

Garlinghouse called NFT a very undervalued asset. According to him, NFT will be widely used as soon as investors realize how useful they can be: “I was interviewed back in December, and I said that [NFT] is undervalued, despite the fact that in some parts of the NFT market a lot of excitement. I continue to think so. As world leaders around the world learn how these technologies can benefit their constituents, their economies, they will seek to use NFT. ”

As an example, Garlinghouse cited the situation with carbon credits, which are in fact quotas for emissions into the atmosphere. According to him, the tokenization of the process would have a huge impact on the environment: “Currently, people are trading in anything but carbon quota quotas, which is why there is a lot of fraudulent trading in this market. I think an open and transparent carbon credit control system could revolutionize this market. “

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