What new features will Xiaomi smartphones get with MIUI 13.5

Thanks to the various beta versions of MIUI 13, it was possible to observe some of the innovations that Xiaomi is preparing with the advent of MIUI 13.5. The update will focus on optimizations and bug fixes, but will also introduce some aesthetic changes.


MIUI 13 Beta version 22.5.16 introduced a first look at the new NFC menu. Previously, the NFC menu was just another feature in the connect and share menu. Now the function will have a separate section and a more modern design. In addition, in beta version 22.4.27, the NFC icon has been added to the status bar.

Among other updates that your Xiaomi will receive with MIUI 13.5, version 22.5.6 of MIUI 13 Beta shows how the number of shortcuts that can be added to the sidebar has been increased. This improvement makes the sidebar more useful as you can include up to 10 shortcuts.

In the same version, you can see how the low battery notification pop-up is located in the center of the screen. In previous versions, this notification was located at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

Updates will not only be aesthetic. They also contain new features for native applications. Among the many options added, beta 22.2.18 included the ability to share the Internet from your smartphone over an Ethernet connection.

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