The head of the NSPK spoke about the prospects for the development of the Mir system

The Russian National Payment Card System (NSPK) withstood the departure of Visa and MasterCard from Russia and continues to develop. This was announced on June 15 in an interview with Izvestiya at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) by the head of the system, Vladimir Komlev.

The system creates its own technologies, payment products, the market continues to develop, Komlev noted. He drew attention to the fact that cardholders continue to use cards of all those payment systems that worked on the market.

The head of NSPK also noted the influx of customers, which was formed in a natural way.

“In 2021, 4 million new cards appeared in the Mir payment system, in 2022, 16 million such cards were issued over the same period, that is, the rate increased four times,” he said.

Currently Mir cards are accepted in ten countries, but the company intends to expand its presence.

“Of course, we also plan to go to those countries where the Russians go, we already have in Turkey. We are meeting with colleagues from various countries, discussing in what schemes, in what formats this interaction can be implemented today so that it can take place as quickly as possible,” Komlev said.

He declined to say which specific countries the system intends to expand into.

As the head of the NSPK added, the issue of calculating salaries by phone number through the fast payment system is being discussed with banks. This scenario is under development.

In October, Mir cardholders will have a new payment method without presenting plastic. A QR code will be generated on the client’s smartphone, which the seller reads at the checkout and writes off the money.

Russian Standard Bank is involved in the development and implementation of a new method of payment for national cards, its representative told Izvestia.

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