The head of the State Special Communications Service called the number of destroyed telecom networks of providers and operators

The head of the State Special Communications Service called on Ukraine’s friends and partners to impose really painful sanctions against the aggressor country.


Yury Shchigol is ready to regard the refusal to fulfill the relevant requirements as direct support for the occupiers. The head of the communications department spoke about all this during a speech at an event organized by the International Telecommunication Union.

According to the official, the army of the aggressor country grossly ignores the ITU rules on the inadmissibility of seizing telecom networks of providers and forcing renumbering. Moreover, these actions of the Russian military directly contradict the fundamental documents of the UN.

In order to prevent illegal practices, the world community must rally and act as a united front against the Kremlin and the Lukashenko regime cooperating with it.

Shchigol focused the listeners’ attention on the fact that a large-scale sanctions attack would save tens of thousands of human lives. Refusal to exert such pressure will be considered by official Kyiv as condoning the illegal actions of the Russian Federation and direct permission to continue the attack on Ukraine.

Further, the head of the State Service for Special Communications called the specifics in terms of the damage caused. Among the figures he voiced are data on:

complete or partial cessation of operation of 3,000 base stations of Ukrainian mobile operators;
destruction of over 20% of the telecom infrastructure;
disabling several thousand km of fiber optic networks;
the inability to access the Internet for more than 50% of Ukrainians at various stages of hostilities.

In the final part of his speech, Shchigol called on international partners to take part in the restoration of the telecom and TV network damaged by the occupiers.

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