The Izvestia military correspondent showed life in the city of Yasinovataya

One of the hottest spots on the front line in the Donbass today is the city of Yasinovataya. Izvestia’s special correspondent went there and saw what life is like on the front line.
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Yasinovataya is a compact, green and probably very cozy city, the correspondent said. However, according to him, it is still impossible to get an accurate picture of this, since since February the machine-gun bullets of the Ukrainian military have whistled right in the center here – there were some 2 km to the trenches. Today, the line of contact has been slightly pushed back – up to 3 km, it became known to the correspondent.

The head of the city is Dmitry Stanislavovich Shevchenko. Every 10 minutes, he receives messages about the situation in different parts of the city on his phone.

“Three months like that,” he states.

After another distant pop outside the window, he explains that, judging by the sound, a projectile flew into the Tsentralny microdistrict, about 1 km from the city.

According to him, in Yasinovataya, more than 20 civilians died from such “pops”, 50 were injured. The deadly metal overtook someone at home, someone at the well, someone at the workplace – in the railway depot or machine-building shop, and someone on the very “road of life”. More than 1,000 buildings were destroyed in the city, including all social facilities, Shevchenko said.

In the Yasinovatskaya Central District Hospital, the wounded are lying – civilians and soldiers. The hospital itself also came under fire a few days ago – windows were shattered, a backup generator was damaged, and the car of one of the doctors burned down.

Yasinovataya, despite the difficult situation, continues to live, the journalist noted. Four out of ten pharmacies are open. There are difficulties with the delivery of food (not all drivers agree to go here), but the issue is being resolved, people are not starving. Barrels with drinking water are constantly filled in 25 points of the city. The consequences of shelling every day, as far as possible, are eliminated by specially created emergency teams.

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