A taxi driver in Moscow dragged a passenger by the hair

In the west of Moscow, a taxi driver attacked a girl and pulled her by the hair.

According to Izvestia, the incident occurred on Bozhenko Street in the Kuntsevo district of the capital. One of the eyewitnesses heard a loud bang and a woman’s scream, after which he and his friends went to the scene. There they saw a girl who was sitting on the pavement and crying.

It turned out that the victim took the documents from the taxi driver, after which he attacked her and took away the phone. She also tried to break the glass of a taxi car.

One of the eyewitnesses called the police, but none of the participants in the conflict began to write a statement, the 360 ​​TV channel notes.

In November, in St. Petersburg, a social taxi driver hit an elderly woman with a disability and beat an eyewitness to the incident. The driver pleaded not guilty.

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