The KGB of Belarus is listening to the Russian Embassy: hackers have published recordings

Belarusian hackers have published evidence that all conversations are being tapped in the country, even employees of foreign embassies and consulates. The KGB is also listening to Russian diplomats.

After hacking into the classified servers of the DOORD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, hackers published wiretapping records of employees of the embassy and the consular department of the embassy of the Russian Federation for 2020-2021.

The recordings show conversations between employees of the Russian embassy and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, citizens’ appeals, and even personal conversations of employees.

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Monday announced the need to expand the functions of the State Security Committee.

“The turn has come for us to take a serious look at our main special service, the KGB. It is clear that the situation has become more complicated in the world, the special services are becoming more and more important every year for the activities of this or that state,” Lukashenka added.

The self-proclaimed president added that it was necessary to implement “not some light changes to the State Security Committee,” but to expand the department’s functionality – but he could not articulate what exactly he was talking about.

The previously self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, suggested that Belarusian troops might have to fight for “Western Ukraine” so that it “is not chopped off by the West.”

As Guildhall reported, in Belarus they began to prepare the army for the transition from peacetime to wartime. In particular, combat readiness classes have begun in the armed forces of Belarus.

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