The largest exchange of freelancers Upwork has blocked accounts from Russia and Belarus

The largest exchange for freelancers has blocked the accounts of Russian and Belarusian users, Kommersant writes. The publication showed letters received by freelancers from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Upwork writes that it has frozen accounts due to the fact that their owners are in Russia or Belarus. If the freelancer decides to move to another country, access will be restored. The letter contains a link to instructions for restoring access.

  • Upwork stopped working with Russians and Belarusians due to the war against Ukraine on March 7th. Russian and Belarusian users have lost the ability to create new accounts and enter into new contracts, they are no longer shown in the search.
  • The markets of Russia and Belarus together generated about 4% of the total revenue of Upwork in 2021, Ukraine – 6%. Since the beginning of the invasion, the number of freelancers has significantly decreased on the exchange, especially from Ukraine.

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