The Luna token team acknowledged that the project manager was aware of the problems on the eve of the crash

South Korean law enforcement is working incredibly fast – only yesterday it became known about the summons of the Terraform Labs team to the prosecutor’s office, and today the first testimonies of employees appeared in the media.

The officers, knowing Kwon’s legal problems, decided not to joke with the prosecutor – one of them had already testified. According to an undisclosed employee, many within the team noted problems with the Luna token at the start of the project.

At the level of the test model, it had many defects and failed during the previous testing, but management decided to ignore these shortcomings and launched the token for public sale.

Other officials confirmed that CEO Kwon was under direct pressure, forcing the team to steal UST’s stablecoin, despite the realization that the pyramid could collapse at any moment. However, this was also understood by market analysts.

If the prosecutor’s office can prove Kwon’s awareness, he faces charges of intentionally harming clients and prolonged imprisonment.

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