The military spoke about the battles in the Seversk direction

Armed Forces The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the troops of the LPR continue their offensive in the Donbass. Correspondents of “Izvestia” learned how the fighting is going on in the Seversk direction.
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Attempts to attack VFU in the Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih direction remain unsuccessful

The leading edge is clearly visible. Periodically, explosions are heard there, and columns of smoke rise above the plantings and fields. Now the artillery of the allied forces is actively destroying the fortified areas of the VFU.

Machine guns and machine guns in the area where we are are almost always silent, occasionally you can hear the line. The enemy is not visible – he is sitting in the trenches.

Our artillery is constantly at work. You can see it in the breaks. A powerful artillery strike covers a height a few kilometers from us – there is a fortified area of ​​the VFU.

“Good fortifications. They say there are cargo containers buried in the ground and concreted. They hide in them during artillery raids. And it will not be easy to break such a “fortification,” the fighters said.

According to them, VFU used to launch commercial quadcopters like Mavic – they are visible, and it was clear when to expect trouble. Artillery or mortar raids began a few minutes after the appearance of such a “bird”.

“Now serious drones have appeared in sufficient numbers – small aircraft. We cannot name their brand. They hang at such a height that you can’t even see them. And if you notice, you can’t shoot him down with a machine gun. We understand that you were spotted from the sky when the shells begin to fly, ”the military said.

At the same time, they emphasized that, in general, winged spotters are treated philosophically, as a necessary evil.

All military equipment and vehicles in the front line are most carefully masked, and open spaces here are trying to slip at high speed.

After heavy rains on paths and country roads, you need to be more careful. Will wash away many mines.

“They mine everything not only to interfere with us – mine laying is unsystematic. They don’t want people to live here. These mines will make themselves known for years to come, lie and wait for their victim, ”concluded the soldiers.

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