Rallies in support of Russia and against arms supplies to Ukraine were held in Cologne

In the center of Cologne, about 400 people took to the streets in support of Russia and against the supply of weapons by Germany to Ukraine, WDR reports, citing the police.

The rally participants took to the square near the Cologne Cathedral and called for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Those who were against this rally gathered next to the protesters, they threw bottles and firecrackers. The police rushed to the spot.

In parallel with these actions, the Cologne Marathon and the European Basketball Championship were held in the city, due to the congestion of people in the center of Cologne, there were problems with traffic.

Earlier in the German city of Kassel, clashes broke out between police and activists protesting against the shipment of weapons to Ukraine. The media reported that the protesters were supporters of the anti-militarist alliance Rheinmetall entwaffnen.


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