The Ministry of Defense announced Israel’s lack of involvement in the murder of Colonel Ksir

Israel has nothing to do with the death of Colonel Ksir Ali Esmailzade in Iran. The media report that perhaps this is revenge on the part of a terrorist group.

Israel did not kill the colonel of the elite forces of the “KUDS” of the Iranian guards of the revolution, which was suspected of providing information that led to the murder of his colleague a week earlier.

This was stated by senior officials of the Ministry of Defense.

The death of Colonel Ksir Ali Esmailzade, which became known on Friday, became the second death of an officer from the unit that controls Iran’s military operations abroad in two weeks.

A day after that, on Saturday, the Iranian opposition website said that Ksir killed Esmailzade for espionage.

Israeli officials deny that Israel’s involvement in the murder of Esmailzade, but they are not called, because they are not authorized to talk about this officially.

The law enforcement officers of the revolution did not have accusations and did not express public condolences to the Esmailzadekh family after his death, which is unusual. It is also known that Esmailzade’s funeral was held at closed doors in a small village in his native province, and not at a large ceremony in Tehran, as it should be for an officer of such a rank.

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