The most common Phoebe British tell their partners – from secret crushes to eating habits

According to a survey by credit card issuer Capital One UK, one in ten lies about how many partners they had before and one in five pretends to like their loved one’s kitchen or friends.
A study has found that mysterious Brits do not reveal their shady shopping habits and even their past to their partners.

From lying about how much they blew on clothes and accessories to how much they had past lovers, it seems we are a shaky nation.

The Biggest Pig is a high street shopping spie, where more than a third claim they pay less to make an item look cheaper, while they boast of making a bargain after paying the full price.

And a survey of 1,500 adults found that one in four didn’t tell the other half about an expensive purchase and just hid it when they got home.

According to a survey by credit card issuer Capital One UK, one in ten lies about how many partners they had before and about one in five says they like the food or friends of their loved ones.

One in ten secretly crashes into their other half best friend and the same number introduces friendship to their in-laws when they truly hate them.

The survey found that one-third of Britons lost track of what they said to their partner, and one in ten was even confused about what they said.

Not surprisingly, then, because of their deception, one in three is exposed and one in ten ends up in hot water.

A quarter of adults admit that they are more open with their friends than their partner, and one in five think white lies are an acceptable part of a relationship.

Katie Lomax, Chief Experience Officer at Capital One UK, said: “Many may be guilty of smuggling another online shopping package or two, but there is a real possibility that ‘hidden costs’ will get out of control if left unchecked.

“So spend as much as you can afford, and if you are worried about your loved one or loved one’s spending habits, the first big step is to talk.”
The 15 most common Phoebe British say to their partners

1. The cost of claiming something is less than that

2. Buy something and don’t say it

3. Acting as if a new purchase is being sold when it is not

4. Claim to like their cooking

5. Pretend to like his friends

6. Dieting “together” but secretly eating junk food

7. Telling them they look great when they don’t

8. Secretly use her beauty products

9. Downplay how much was spent one night with friends

10. Secretly throwing away a disgusting thing of clothing

11. Pretend they ate the packed lunch they made but ate instead

12. The number of past lovers is not clear

13. Pretend to like in-laws

14. Having a secret crush on his best friend

15. Meet an ex and say it’s just an old friend

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