The new iOS 16 is similar to Android, but it’s still better

Many feel that the WWDC that everyone is talking about and where Apple is introducing new versions of its operating system is temporary. In fact, it’s a big developer conference that lasts a few days and it’s something like Google I / O, but in Apple’s world. An event was held on the first day of the conference to showcase the new operating system. This year the presentation is online again but it has not become less interesting. The most important thing for us was iOS. Let’s take a look at what was presented to us, and you will decide for yourself what has been copied from Android and what has been borrowed at the level of ideas.

What’s new in iOS 13?

Apple has introduced iOS 16 and its iPadOS 16 variant with many new features, mainly related to lock screen. Also launched are watchOS 9 (for Apple Watch), macOS Ventura (for MacBook and Mac) and M2 processors, which are more powerful and efficient than previous generation models. But, as we said above, we will discuss mobile OS.

IOS lock screen 16

The main change in iOS 16 is the lock screen. The company represents the biggest update of all time for him. The new lock screen will allow users to customize the look of date and time by setting different colors and shades. You can upload different photos and even add widgets. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a photo, static wallpaper, or a new live wallpaper. The lock screen offers a wide range of customization options. Before that, let me remind you, you can only change the screen saver and nothing more.

Android has already offered support for widgets on the lock screen, but this feature has been abandoned. But displaying widgets from below, not from above, is a really convenient and useful innovation. Especially now that they’re investing in more perfect stacks than ever before. Therefore, they will not block photos posted as your wallpaper. However, this can change, and this is called photo shuffle. It has also happened on various Android shells over the years.

Convenient notification on lock screen

There’s a new Live Activity API that lets you get more convenient messages, including real-time updates. For example, it may run an in-game or show the delivery of food you order through the program. It’s really convenient. Now you don’t have to unlock your phone to get information.

New messaging feature on iOS

iOS 16 has also introduced three new features for messaging. You can now edit the message and even cancel sending it In addition, you may notice the dialogue as unread. And there’s a new dictation mode, which no longer requires a data connection – it works locally on the phone and entirely on the device. You can also switch between typing and typing on the keyboard. At the same time you will get automatic smiley recognition, auto-punctuation and full Siri support. Although, of course, not all regions.

Wallet has been updated to iOS 16

Significant changes have affected the Wallet program However, Apple has worked hard to collect other things, including payments, documents and access keys. Now you can’t keep them in your wallet, but you can share them with other iPhone users via SMS or e-mail. They will accept it, add it to their wallet and be able to open the door.

The Apple Pay Letter feature allows users to divide purchases into level payments for up to six weeks. There is also Apple Pay Order Tracking, which will store detailed receipts in the wallet and display order tracking information.

Ordinary iCloud photos

A new iCloud photo library has been launched. You can create it for up to six people and add photos from your album, including automatic uploads or photo taking dates with face recognition.

New Apple Card

Apple cards have also been improved, but they are not so important in our country. However, they are still interested. They come because the company wants to have a reliable ecosystem without relying on Google.

The program has the opportunity to create a complex route with up to 15 stops added. You can buy tickets and save them. Other innovations have influenced visualization. In particular, animated 3D models of some objects on the map, which will help to better navigate the terrain. For example, a cafe with a huge donut at the entrance or the famous Las Vegas sign.

Select objects in iOS

The presentation shows an interesting feature, as soon as the image of the dog is clicked on the image it separates from the background and it was sent a message. It just looks gorgeous. Apple says it uses machine learning. But the first review says it still works pretty raw. So, there is still room for improvement, but the concept itself is good.

New Apple CarPlay features

This is one of the most interesting changes in our presentation. Apple has launched a new generation of CarPlay. Its support will appear in some cars by the end of 2023 The system is undergoing major changes and will work on all available screens of the car including the driver’s display This applies to models equipped with a single screen system, which has a central screen, LCD screen instead of instrument panel and / or long screen on the entire front panel, like new premium cars.

The new features allow CarPlay to read and display important information such as speed, engine speed, fuel level and temperature. You can also fully customize all screens. This again indicates that Apple is preparing the ground for its future electric vehicle.

What else is there in iOS 16?

IOS 16 has many more features, such as new note settings, new improvements for the whole system, but not all of them are revolutionary and change the application or their appearance slightly.

Devices that support iOS 16

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • IPhone 12
  • IPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • IPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • IPhone XS
  • IPhone XS Max
  • IPhone XR
  • IPhone X.
  • IPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone SE (2020 and later)

When iOS 16 comes out

An earlier version of iOS for developers is already available to program participants. A public beta will be available to anyone until next month. The final version will only be available in September as an update for all supported devices. Perhaps the start of the mass distribution will coincide with the launch of the iPhone 14, on which it will be installed out of the box.

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