The NFFS APES NFT server was re -broken

The Discord Servers Bayc and Oherside seems to be broken, which causes the attackers to place a phishing link in server chats.

The trusting owners of the token were lured to the site by promises of “exclusive distribution”. According to preliminary data, 145 ETNs ($ 256,000) were stolen. At the moment, the Bayc server in Discord has been disabled, and on the Oherside server they were not called for provocations.

Yuga Labs has not yet made an official statement about this incident. According to Coingcko, the minimum price Bayc was temporarily reduced, but after recovering. According to PECKSHIELD, 32 NFT was stolen.

This is not the first attack on the Bayc discord server this year. Moreover, the weekend traditionally became a time of breakage – earlier on Sunday the Twitter was broken by the most popular digital artist Beeple.

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