The Optimism team conducted an airdrop of the native token

The developers of Optimism distributed the native OP token among 232,000 users of the Ethereum L2 scaling solution.

After several hours of work we were able to stabilize the public RPC and we made the decision to “officially” announce Drop #1.

While the sequencer remained stable throughout, this was the point where read-access was able to handle the expected load.

Airdrop participants received 231,928,234 OP – 5.4% of the original offer. In total, together with subsequent rounds, 19% of the emission of 4.29 billion tokens will be distributed among users.

The team has released a step by step video with a guide to getting the OP.

Token holders will be able to delegate their right to vote to a community member or take part in voting independently.

Almost 30 phase 0 proposals have already been formed.

In the near future, members of the Optimism “collective” token chamber will consider the distribution of incentives between projects that are already interacting with the solution. If all proposals are approved, developers will receive a total of 36,600,000 OP (15% of the tokens in the management fund).

In the next phase 1, any projects that demonstrate a development plan using OP to stimulate growth will be able to participate. Among them, 85% of all tokens in the management fund will be distributed.

The community will also focus on solving project growth issues such as protocol upgrades and reserve management.

Earlier, the listing of the Optimism token was announced by the OKX, LBank and MEXC trading platforms.

OP is expected to appear on Binance soon. Due to the high network activity, certain technical issues arose, which led to the transfer of the listing on the platform.

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