The smallest of modern Mode1 Grip smartphones is already sold in Japan

The trend for large smartphones has led to a significant shortage of miniature models, although demand for them is growing – compact developments from Sony confirm it. Mode1 Grip, the sale of which has already begun in Japan is a kind of hello from the past. The design of the late 2010s, a small quality building and modern equipment attract the attention of gadgets to the novelty.

The physical sizes of the body and the display are the main feature of the device. Of all the current models of the current year, this device is the smallest, it exceeded even the popular iPhone 13 mini in its miniature. The diagonal of the Mode1 Grip smartphone is only 5 inches, and the resolution was 576*1440 points. The ratio of diagonal to resolution provided the high density of pixels, that is, considerable detail and image quality. However, the trend to increase the frequency of renewal of personnel has passed this model – we only have 60 Hz.

The performance of the smartphone is not the latest, but the current MediaTek Helio P70 processor. Multi -capital is realized thanks to 4 GB of RAM, and the internal drive received 64 GB of space.

The compact size did not prevent the manufacturer from installing a fairly interesting camera – the main double module received a resolution of 48 MP and 8 MP, and the front offers 25MP. The main module has electronic stabilization and records the video in Full HD.

Android of the 11th version is chosen as the operating system. All the necessary wireless interfaces are also available: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, IR port. Instead of trendy 5G Mode1, Grip works on fourth generation networks.

The back panel of the device is made of glass, and therefore Mode1 Grip received wireless charging, however, its power does not exceed 5 watts. The popularity of the model at home is due to the desire of people to use the technique that correlates with the physical size of the owner. As most Japan’s residents have small palms, the exit of the Mode1 Grip smartphone has become a real miracle for them.

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