The theft is visible from space: Russia is loading Ukrainian grain on ships in Crimea

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies have recorded the loading of Ukrainian grain onto Russian ships in the port of temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by CNN.

It is noted that the new images, dated May 19 and 21, show the Matros Pozinich and Matros Koshka vessels moored near structures that look like a granary, and grain spilling from the belt into an open hold.

According to the ship tracking website, both ships left the port: “Matros Pozinich”, sailing in the Aegean Sea, reported that it was going to Beirut (Lebanon), and “Matros Koshka” is still in the Black Sea.

The publication notes that at the beginning of this month, Matros Pozinich carried out a similar mission: it loaded grain and left the Black Sea for the Mediterranean. At first, the ship was heading to Egypt, but after a warning from Ukrainian officials, it was returned from Alexandria. The ship was also banned from entering Beirut and finally docked at Latakia in Syria.

As Ukrinform reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said during an online chat at the Ukrainian House in Davos that the business and political elite of the world should make efforts to prevent starvation in some countries and remove the blocked 22 million tons of grain from Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukraine proposed to create an international organization of responsible food exporters to avoid starvation in many countries.

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