The traffic police in Novosibirsk began to fine Yurent customers for driving without a license and helmets – the service says they are not needed

The inspection claims that scooters exceed the permissible power and are considered mopeds. Yurent refutes this.

The traffic police in Novosibirsk has been fining Yurent customers since May 22, writes the local newspaper NGS. The inspection claims that electric scooters exceed the limits of permissible power and speed and cannot be driven without a certain category of rights and a helmet.

According to the current traffic rules, if the electric motor power is less than 250 W, users of electric scooters and other means of individual mobility (SIM) are equated to pedestrians. With a power of 250 W to 4 kW, an electric scooter is considered a moped, even more powerful – a motorcycle.

Yurent told that their own scooters have a speed limit of up to 25 km/h, and power does not exceed 250 watts. They also ordered an independent examination from MADI, which proves this (the document is at the disposal of

Whoosh reported that the service provided the authorities of Novosibirsk with an examination that confirms the compliance of scooters with the “bicycle” category – that is, rights and equipment for a “moped” are not needed. At the same time, customers of the service in the city were not fined, and scooters are additionally limited in speed and do not go faster than they can.

  • In mid-May, Yurent removed all of its electric scooters in Novosibirsk due to a conflict with local authorities. The administration began to forcibly seize scooters from Yurent and Whoosh, as it believes that they are putting them in the wrong places. Kicksharings responded by accusing the city of delaying approvals.
  • The scooters were returned to the city after parking arrangements were agreed: 100 for Yurent and 27 for Whosh.

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