The troubles that can be expected when buying a used smartphone are listed

Now there are many places where you can buy used equipment. This is convenient, because not everyone has the opportunity to go to the store and buy new things. But the problem is that sellers are not always conscientious about sales and can give a seemingly good device, but in fact almost not working. Today we will talk about how to check a used smartphone and what problems there may be.

The most common problem is the battery. It gets worse over time, does not hold a charge for long. Usually about two years the battery works well. Then it starts to deteriorate slowly. Often users do not notice the changes, but it is worth paying attention. If you decide to buy a used smartphone, it is better to take with a replaceable battery, because if it is built-in, the replacement is almost like a new device.

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The next common problem is speakers. There are usually several of them in the smartphone. Everyone is responsible for a separate function. In order not to have problems with this in the future, before buying immediately check how to hear when talking to the interlocutor and how to hear you, whether the sound is good when recording video and how the speaker works. After that you will understand the state of the speakers.

Charger connector. It can also deteriorate or become clogged with debris over time. Therefore, immediately put the phone on charge and make sure that it does not go away and is not interrupted. Because why do you need a phone that can’t be charged properly?

Another nuance – the buttons. Smartphones usually have three buttons: power and volume. Over time, they begin to sink or do not respond to pressure. Before buying a used smartphone, carefully press each one in turn and make sure they work the first time. Also restart the phone with the power button.

Chain. If the phone gets very hot when using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or mobile data, it may damage the internal parts. If you want to quickly check if this problem is not waiting for you after buying a phone, then download a great video and you will immediately understand whether the device is heated or not.

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A less common problem is changing screen colors. It happens that a color does not become so bright, there is a kind of “fading”. This is checked with a photo. You can take a few pictures of different objects and see if everything suits you. If all is well, then you can buy.

Well, the last problem is memory. It all depends on the quality of the phone. There are chips that work for a long time, and there are those that are immediately defective. Each smartphone starts to run slower over time, even if the settings are constantly reset to factory defaults.

You can buy used equipment, but you need to spend more time than new. It is better to check everything once again for serviceability and use it quietly than to buy and constantly repair it. Therefore, follow all the rules written above and you will not have problems with used smartphones.

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