The US Congress calls on Biden to initiate the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the UN Security Council

The US Congress believes that the United States should seek Russia’s exclusion from the UN Security Council.

According to European Pravda, both representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States spoke about this in an interview with Voice of America.

So, according to Republican congressman from the 1st congressional district in Pennsylvania Brian Fitzpatrick, members of the Ukrainian support group in Congress are planning a corresponding bipartisan appeal.

“I will call for this. And my colleague, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur will also call for this. This will be a bipartisan appeal by the co-chairs of the Ukraine support group in Congress to permanently exclude Russia from the Security Council and the UN in general. This is a shame for this organization. whose military and government are actively perpetrating the worst form of genocide, at this very moment as we speak, has a seat on the UN Security Council,” Fitzpatrick said.

He believes that the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the UN Security Council in the current situation is the right step and American legislators will insist on its implementation.

“It’s ridiculous and frankly, it shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. The fact that this is perceived as an unlikely possibility speaks badly of the UN. I think it’s time for them to clean up their organization. They need to do what is obvious is right, and there will be pressure from several legislators on Capitol Hill to make it happen,” the GOP congressman added.

Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley from Illinois’s 5th congressional district also supports Russia’s exclusion from the Security Council and notes that today Moscow is blackmailing the entire international community by holding the largest nuclear power plant in Europe on the territory of Ukraine.


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