The woman issued the warning after finding an Apple location tracker hidden in her bag

A TickTock user claims he found a coin-sized Apple Airtag device hidden in his bag after going to the store – he thought he was being followed and wanted to warn other women.

A woman has issued an alert after finding an Apple Airtag in her bag, believing it was being used to track her movements.

TikTok user Molly shared her shocking news with her followers on social media, explaining that she found the tracker while trying to get her vapor out of her bag.

He was initially confused about what the currency-sized device was, but after discovering a tracker on it, he became anxious and destroyed it in a Daily Star report.

He then went to TikTok to warn others because he wanted his followers to be aware of the dangers of modern technology.

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In a TikTok clip, Molly shows up uploading olly molly32320, “Girls, if you’re listening and this has happened to you before, be careful. If you ever see one of those airtags in your bag, be careful, go and make it look like me. Soak it in water and leave it on the grass.

TikTok users have commented to warn them. One user, Pauline Kearnan, said: “This is a tracker so they can find out where you are, go to the police and report it, honey. Please stay safe.”

Then another said: “Go to the police, Apple can track the phone that is registered.”

And a third one added: “How scary! I hope you’re fine.”

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This is not the first time that an AirTag has been used to track someone, as a model who says she was fitted with a tracking device at a bar and then followed for several hours has raised other women’s safety concerns.

Brooks Nader, a New York-based sports illustrated model, shared his bizarre experience on social media after receiving a notification on his iPhone that an unknown airtag had been “running with him for a while”.

The notification, which was published after 11 p.m. On Wednesday night, he was informed that the owner of the device could “see its location.”

After checking his pockets, the 26-year-old tracker, which was designed to easily identify lost items such as keys, slipped into his coat pocket.

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