The woman shared an urgent warning after finding a tracker in her bag after shopping

A woman has shared an emergency warning after she found a tracker in her bag after going to the store

She claims to have found the airtag while buzzing in her bag – and is now warning other women to realize that someone is chasing her.

The woman went to TikTok to share her story

Airtags were designed to help Apple users find items while attached to their personal belongings.

However, some people may engage in unethical activities by capitalizing on its tracking capabilities – including stocking.

Apple devices are also very precise and have a good battery life, which makes them even more worrying.

The woman went on social media after finding the round device in her bag – asking her followers for help.

But once he realized what it was, he quickly got rid of the device and dropped it in a nearby park.

In a TikTok clip, Molly32320 says: “Friends what a heck. I just came home looking for my vape in my bag.

“What is it? What is it? It’s Apple, a small circle thing. I don’t understand, I panicked.

“I didn’t put it there, I didn’t buy it. What a bad situation.

The most read in The Irish Sun.

“I literally went to the store and back, literally. I do not understand Who put it here? ”

After doing some research, he came back and added: “Apparently it’s a tracker.

“Actually, I don’t check my bag often, now I think I use this bag so they know where my work is if someone puts it there.

“It could be my mother’s house, my grandmother’s house. I’m really scared right now that hell put it there.

“Someone may know where I am now. I didn’t even know it was anything. I’m really scared now. ”

After realizing what the device was, the woman told her followers that she had soaked it in water before throwing it in the middle of a park.

In the third clip, the woman, who is believed to be living in Manchester, added:

“I went and soaked it in water for half an hour and now I will go and put it on the grass.

“Girls, be careful if this happens to you.”

A jolt of commenters warned the woman about the potentially dangerous device, with many urging her to go to the police.

One said, “Take it to the police station.”

Another added: “Go to the police, Apple can track the phone that is registered.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

Teresa Parker, director of Women’s Aid Communications, said in a statement: “This TikTok demonstrates exactly how new technologies can be used to control, track and monitor women’s lives.

“While this technology may not be designed for it, at Women’s Aid we know that many women find that they are being followed without their consent or consent, and that abusers are constantly creative about how they will do it.

“It can be monitored remotely, starting with home cameras, with small tracking devices and phone location services set up to see where someone is always at.

“It’s important that technology companies use violence against women’s organizations to prevent their technology from being misused.”

Airtags have caused widespread concern since their launch last year after several horrific reports, including tracking from car owners.

The gadget is designed to make it easier to find keys and other important items

People’s iPhones act as a huge network for Apple to help you find and access them.

But it is considered a perfect tool for stalking.
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Eva Galperin, a cybersecurity expert at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said:

“That’s why Apple is promoting them as a tool to track lost or stolen items.”

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