This Menstrual Pad Hack Is Going Viral, And It’s So Simple I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Thought Of It Before

Periods can be an absolute pain no matter how long you’ve had them, which means that any tips to make that time of the month run smoother are more than welcome news.

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Recently, TikTok user Alice Williams (@alicewillliams) made a video sharing her period hack.

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In the video, Alice applies a pad vertically, as normal, before adding a second pad horizontally behind it. The video explains that this hack is helpful in preventing leakage, as it collects more blood.

Screengrabs of a TikTok by user alice.williams of a menstrual pad being placed vertically onto a pair of underwear

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Alice’s video currently has 24.2M views, 1.5M likes, and a comment section that alternates between disbelief and praise.

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I spoke with Alice, who is the CEO and founder of Ovira, a company that focuses on making periods less painful and easier to deal with. Alice says that she actually came up with the hack as a result of her own experience with endometriosis, and said, “I was finding that no matter how I placed my pad, I could never get the coverage and protection I needed for my heavy days. I suffer extremely long, heavy, and painful periods, so I’ve had to get creative with how I manage them. This little hack came to me after years of heavy bleeding and losing countless pairs of undies and sets of sheets to my monthly flow.”

As someone whose content is focused on menstruation, Alice said that she values TikTok because it provides a space to be vocal about topics that can be considered taboo, like periods. She said, “I love using TikTok videos as a means of stripping away the stigma and ‘ick-factor’ that’s been so deeply entrenched in the way we think about periods.” Alice also said that she posted the video to share the hack with other people who may be struggling with similar issues, and added, “Sometimes traditional solutions just don’t cut it. I love posting any content that brings awareness to the struggles we go through each month, and it’s even better when I can offer a solution.”

Screengrabs of a TikTok by user alice.williams of a menstrual pad being placed vertically onto a pair of underwear

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Have you tried this hack before? Or do you have your own period hack that you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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