TikTok is testing a “clean mode” that removes buttons as you scroll through a video

The Chinese video hosting service has launched a new feature on a limited basis that allows users to scroll through the news feed in the app without interface elements such as usernames, captions and audio information cluttering up the screen. TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch that testing of the Clear Mode began this Tuesday.

However, the date when users will be able to try out the new feature themselves has not been announced. Nevertheless, public testing will definitely take place, because TikTok always collects user feedback before the final launch of a particular service on its platform. It is now known that the new service makes it possible to access the cleaning mode by pressing and holding the video for a while and then selecting the appropriate option.

The launch of this feature could make the job of content creators easier as they no longer need to re-upload their video clips that users would like to take screenshots of. Recently, the company has provided access to the watch history feature, which makes it easier to find videos of interest or previously viewed content.

We also reported that the demand for IT professionals continues to grow despite the crisis and hostilities. First of all, companies are ready to offer high salaries to developers who speak rare programming languages.

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