Tim Draper: Women Investors Will Provide BTC Bullish Phase

Well-known investor and analyst Tim Draper is sure that by the end of the year the price of bitcoin will rise to 250 thousand dollars. The expert believes that a surge in demand will be provided by female investors, who previously showed little interest in cryptocurrencies.

As a reminder, we previously reported on a new JPMorgan forecast regarding the fair value of BTC. The bank estimated it at 38 thousand dollars, which is much higher than the market.

Popular analyst Cathy Wood also believes that the rate will rise in the coming months. This is indicated by certain markers, in particular, the stabilization of economic processes.

Analyst Tim Draper came to the same conclusions. In his opinion, the next rapid growth of cryptocurrencies will provide a jump in demand among women. Now they have little interest in cryptocurrencies, but the situation is changing:

“In today’s world, women control about 80% of retail costs. And retailers have not yet realized that they can save up to 2% when integrating cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. One has only to add digital assets to trading networks, and thousands of women will have wallets with BTC. The cost will skyrocket, far exceeding my forecast of $250,000,” the analyst was quoted as saying by Business to Community.

Services from such giants as Visa and Mastercard “strangle” small networks and small businesses. Savings on margin when integrating cryptocurrencies can serve as an incentive that will provide a new leap in the market.

When paying by card, the store loses up to 2.9% when buying offline and up to 3.5% when buying online. At the same time, a transaction in cryptocurrency will cost, on average, 1.4 dollars. Savings are evident.

Draper made a similar forecast last summer. Then he also announced an increase in the cost of BTC to 250 thousand dollars. But if he turns out to be right, then the wholesale integration of cryptocurrencies may lead to the abandonment of tools such as SWIFT.

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