Top 5 best alternatives to the latest Xiaomi Band 7

Xiaomi Band 7, like its predecessors, turned out to be very interesting and inexpensive. At least if you focus on the official price. In other countries, and in particular in Ukraine, they will be slightly higher, which means that this gadget immediately has a lot of alternatives – from regular trackers to full-fledged smart watches. In addition, you will have to wait a long time before buying Band 7, and no one will say exactly how much. Therefore, we have collected for you some great alternatives to this device, which are available on the market and can be purchased now.
What to buy instead of Xiaomi Band 7

Budget does not mean bad. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is not only a powerful fitness tracker, but also much more – from accurate tracking of workouts to SpO2 monitoring and heart rate. But this is not the only gadget with such capabilities.
Huawei Band 6 – almost Xiaomi Band

If you can’t buy the latest Huawei Band 7 yet, the Huawei Band 6 is still a good option in the budget category. You can buy it on AliExpress for about 1500 hryvnias. It features the aesthetics of a smart watch with a large 1.47-inch AMOLED display, as well as the ability to monitor oxygen in the blood throughout the day.

There are also sleep tracking features, 96 workout modes, separate women’s health tracking features and more. However, it will still be a fitness tracker, not a smartwatch. But it’s not so bad.

The new generation Huawei Band 7, although not yet available to the general public, also offers sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring, as well as Huawei’s excellent Health application. Compared to the Huawei Band 6, it provides more music capabilities, quick response to messages and even the ability to answer phone calls. And there is support for NFC.
Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best inexpensive FitBit

The most affordable tracker Fitbit – Inspire 2. This is a simple option to enter the company’s ecosystem. For runners and cyclists, it offers GPS and a light, albeit fairly fresh design. It also provides excellent tracking of sleep, exercise and accurate heart control.

Viewing data on the display may be difficult in bright light, but otherwise the gadget is well worth the price. And when you buy Inspire 2, new members will receive an annual membership in Fitbit Premium. This will make the purchase even more profitable.
Huami Amazfit Band 5 is an old but relevant tracker

Companies like Amazfit continue to offer alternatives to Xiaomi that look quite attractive against the background of its products. Huami Amazfit Band 5 is a clone of Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It is equipped with a blood oxygen sensor, optical heart rate sensor and high-quality sleep monitoring.

When you are not sleeping, it will keep track of steps, distance and calories. And also boasts sports programs for more than ten unique workouts. At the same time from one charge it will work for about two weeks.

However, Amazfit Band 5 is now obsolete and its update is long overdue. It may appear in the coming months. At the same time, this device remains a good alternative to the Xiaomi line due to its low price.
Fitbit Charge 5 – the best Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 5 is a step higher than other models, which is immediately reflected in its price. The device boasts a bright OLED display and a slim body, comfortable to wear all day. There is an EDA stress sensor, oxygen sensor and skin temperature monitor, as well as built-in GPS.

If your budget doesn’t matter, you won’t regret your purchase. On the other hand, the previous generation of the line (Fitbit Charge 4) also offers many benefits, so you can pay attention to it if you want to save and can find it on sale.
Apple Watch SE is the best tracker for Apple

And if we talked about the fact that the budget does not matter, it is worth clarifying what kind of phone you have. If iPhone, then definitely take the Apple Watch SE. They are more expensive than the above devices, but they are still the cheapest Apple Watch available.

To reduce the price, he had to compromise on the Apple Watch Series 7. But this does not matter much to most buyers. However, this gadget maintains accurate fitness tracking, excellent attention to integration with the iPhone and support for a huge number of applications.

Of course, this device is more expensive than the Xiaomi Band 7, but if you can afford it and you have an iPhone, the choice is obvious. There are rumors about the preparation of Apple Watch SE2, but looking at how the company is updating the iPhone with these two letters in the name – expect it soon is unlikely.

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