Continental is launching a retraining program for internally displaced persons

Continental Farmers Group is implementing a Continental Restart retraining program for internally displaced persons. The goal of the educational project is to create new employment and career opportunities for professionals who have lost their jobs due to the situation in the country and have been forced to leave their regions of residence. The Continental project will provide an opportunity to apply and expand engineering and technical skills, gaining practical skills in agricultural engineering, as well as employment in agriculture.

“For the Company, this is primarily a social initiative. We understand that many Ukrainians have left their homes and lost their jobs. So we decided to help specialists with engineering knowledge to master a new direction and get a chance to build a career in agriculture. Training is free and provides curatorial support. In addition, we provide accommodation and meals for project participants. The program is focused on gaining practical skills so that after the internship specialists can realize themselves in agriculture, “said Iryna Romanenko, Director of the Continental Personnel Department at Continental.

The training will last two months. The first stage involves the theoretical part. The lecture stage should acquaint with the basic concepts of the course, but the basis of the program will be practical classes. Participants will be involved in the process of maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. Each of the interns will be assigned a mentor who will share experiences and help adapt existing knowledge to the specifics of the agricultural sector.

Continental Restart participants will be officially registered in accordance with labor legislation. The plan is to involve the first group of specialists in the retraining project, who will acquire practical skills in the agricultural sector after completing the course. The knowledge gained during the training will help in further employment of participants.

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