Top iPhone 14 models will receive a feature from budget Android

Top Pro versions of the future iPhone 14 smartphone will get the function of always on display. Android users have been familiar with it for many years, as it is also available in ultra-budget smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017). The Always on Display feature on iPhones will be available after the release of the latest version of the iOS 16 operating system.


The iPhone 14 has already seen many potential new changes, including a new front-facing camera or a higher-resolution main camera.

As part of his weekly newsletter Power On, popular Apple analyst and informant Mark Gurman has hinted at another feature of iOS 16 that could make a big difference, starting with the iPhone 14.

According to Gourmet, iOS 16 is building support for a permanently enabled lock screen in the future. This feature is common on Android phones, where it is called Always-On Display. With this feature, when the phone is in sleep mode, it continues to display some information, such as current time or notifications. New Apple Watch devices already support this feature.

The iPhone 13 was expected to get the always-on feature, but it didn’t. According to some reports, the reason may be the screen used. Although the iPhone 13 had a variable refresh rate from 10 Hz to 120 Hz, the iPhone 14’s screen can be slowed down to 1 Hz. This saves even more battery power, as the screen will only be refreshed once per second.

Because the screen refresh rate is hardware-enabled, older iPhones won’t have Always-On modes, even if they’re compatible with iOS 16, because their displays don’t have a low enough refresh rate.

Gourmet says that the permanently on screen mode will be available only for the top iPhone 14 Pro phones.

In addition to the Always-On Display, the iPhone 14 lock screen will have other changes that will be available in all versions of phones in this line. Gourmet suggests that with iOS 16 the lock screen will get new wallpapers and widgets to slightly improve functionality.

The iPhone 14 is expected to debut in September. The iOS 16 operating system will most likely be demonstrated at the Apple WWDC 2022 presentation on June 6.

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