Two killed and three missing after boat collision in US

Two people were killed and three were missing in a collision between two boats in Chatham County, the US state of Georgia (USA). This was announced on Saturday, May 28, by CNN, citing Mark McKinnon, a representative of the State Department of Natural Resources.

According to the channel, four other participants in the accident received minor injuries and were taken to the nearest hospital in Savannah.

According to preliminary data, the two boats were moving in opposite directions on the Wilmington River. On one of them there were six people, on the other – three.

Authorities are looking for sector-scanning sonar to search for missing persons, McKinnon said. Two US Coast Guard helicopters are also participating in the search, he said.

Rescue personnel are at the scene. An investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy has been launched.

The day before, on May 28, it was reported about the crash of a boat with tourists off the coast of Kimberley in Western Australia, as a result of which 28 people were injured. It was noted that the Falls Express vessel with 26 passengers and two crew members capsized at the Horizontal Falls, a major tourist attraction in the Kimberley, Washington area. All victims were hospitalized and are now in a stable condition.

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