Ukraine has launched a platform to gather information on losses to the agricultural sector

An electronic platform has been launched in Ukraine to gather information on the damage caused to the agricultural sector by the war with Russia.

This is stated on the Facebook page of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy.

“The occupiers are deliberately minefields, steal and blow up agricultural machinery, destroy agricultural infrastructure. That is why the assessment of the damage is an important step in further rebuilding the agricultural potential of our state,” the committee said.

To this end, the Association “Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business” with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy has created an electronic platform for collecting information on losses.

The committee says that the site will record and document losses and damages for processing by public authorities and further compensation and compensation.

“Types of property that can be recorded as destroyed, stolen or damaged: land, infrastructure, agricultural machinery, trucks and cars, stocks of resources, equipment and facilities, livestock products, crop products,” – said the Agrarian Committee. .

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