Ukrainian company UAV Defense Robotics produces tactical and combat drones for the Armed Forces

Currently, three models of drones are being developed – reconnaissance, cargo (combat) and kamikaze drone. It is estimated that the cost of a combat drone will be about UAH 150,000, a kamikaze will cost about $ 500.

Developers are already assembling prototypes and testing them with the military. “When, according to the guys, we adjust the software and hard – we will deploy more mass production. We plan to knock on the finished product with the Ministry of Defense, create a team of collectors, train military pilots and do as much as we can, “said Anton Bolshakov.
Drone models developed by UAV Defense Robotics


An alternative to commercial drones. It is possible to automatically fly on points and control on full autopilot – to patrol the area. The size does not exceed 500 mm, but the drone is large enough to hang electronics, high-quality precision optics or thermal imager.

Main goal: risk-free reconnaissance for the pilot / drone operator. It is possible to display several screens of the video stream. Flight range – from 5 to 10 km.


An industrial cargo drone capable of carrying a warhead and dropping through remote control. It is possible to automatically fly on points and full autopilot mode to patrol the area (as in the model of the reconnaissance drone).

Size: more than 900 mm. You can hang electronics, reset mechanisms, installation of military equipment from third-party developers – and all this has no effect on flight quality.

The main goal: transfer of ammunition and remote discharge to the enemy – without risk to the pilot / operator of the drone.

Flight range – from 7 to 15 km.

Kamikaze drone

The drone body and additional elements form a combat projectile that will hit the enemy as accurately as possible. It is possible to fly in coordinates and create missions without human participation. There is a program of self-destruction with remote control from the ground station.

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