Ukrainian cyber team Leogaming won a strong-willed victory over the German team

CS: GO’s Ukrainian e-sports team Leogaming has won its third victory in the 41st season of the ESEA League Advanced (Europe).

Our e-sportsmen won over the German team Sissi State Punks with a score of 16:13. Throughout the match, the teams went almost face to face, but in the 27th round Leogaming gained the lead and bypassed the opponent in the game.

It will be recalled that in March, the Ukrainian e-sports team Leogaming from CS: GO renewed its players. Mykhailo “Malkiss” Shulha and Igor “fobeN” Dotsenko joined the band, replacing Amir “eightz999” Abdulmedzhidov and Oleksiy “Maha” Makhinich.

With the new lineup, Leogaming has already won several victories. And on April 18, Ukrainian e-sportsmen reached the final of the British Phoenix League tournament. In Phoenix League Leogaming won 2nd place. Leogaming also defeated two opponents in the ESEA EU 5v5 Spring Cash Cup on April 9.

In May, CS: GO’s LeoGaming eSports team began the 41st season of the ESEA League in the Europe Advanced Division with a prize pool of over $ 20,000. Ukrainian e-sportsmen have already won several competitions. On May 5, LeoGaming won over the Polish team HONORIS with a score of 16:11. And on May 13, they defeated the Russian team NeverFpl5 with a score of 19:15.

Earlier, the cyber team LeoGaming held a charity friendly match in support of Ukrainian defenders against the Romanian team Nexus. All funds raised during the broadcast will be donated to Ukrainian defenders who counter terrorist threats.

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