Ukrainian esports team expelled the captain from the Russian Federation

Ukrainian esportsmen from the NAVI team decided to expel the captain from the Russian Federation in CS:GO. The reason for the exclusion of the Russian from the team is an attempt to avoid a blow to reputation. The name of the character with whom the relationship is broken is Kirill “BoombI4” Mikhailov.


The collective published explanations regarding the decision made on its official website. The explanation says that the team has no complaints about Mikhailov’s playing skills. The only argument that guided the team was the desire to reduce reputational risks to zero. There are no other specifics in the message.

Fans who read the message speculate that Mikhailov may have supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine in one way or another.

NAVI has two more people from the Russian Federation. The contract with Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutsky and Denis “Electronic” Sharipov was not terminated.

A replacement for Mikhailov has not yet been found.

Esportsmen from NAVI won the largest Counter-Strike tournament in Stockholm last year.

The NAVI team condemned Russia’s actions on the second day of the invasion. Immediately after that, the team transferred ₴1.5 million to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and terminated the agreement on cooperation with the ESFORCE group, whose representatives publicly approved the Kremlin’s aggression.

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