Ukrainians warned about the situation with gasoline and diesel fuel in early summer

Director of the A-95 Consulting Group Serhiy Kuyun spoke about the situation on the fuel market of Ukraine, noting the increase in the number of importers after the abolition of state regulation, Khvilya informs.

As Kuyun wrote on his Facebook, despite the fact that the number of companies that want to import fuel has increased, imports are still insufficient.

“The number of importers for each of the positions – gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas – doubled during May. The maximum figure – about 60 subjects – import diesel fuel. This is the first result of the abolition of state regulation of prices, more and more medium and small companies are following fuel to Europe. The next stage is an increase in supply volumes,” he wrote.

However, Kuyun added that the current volume of imports is not enough to cover all the needs of Ukraine. In particular, the most acute problem is with the supply of gasoline. The reason is that the logistics of European ports are more focused on importing diesel fuel, since gasoline is supplied by domestic refineries.

Also, due to seasonal growth in demand, the resource of these refineries is also limited, so Ukrainians have to look for fuel in more remote regions. Also, the Europeans are in no hurry to “share” reserves, because they expect what will be the consequences of the oil embargo adopted by the EU countries.

The expert added that the situation with fuel in Ukraine is heterogeneous.

“The situation with the availability of fuel across the country is not uniform. An obvious improvement in the capital: the KLO network has actively connected to OKKO and WOG, there are signs of life on AMIC. Gas and diesel already meet without queues, you need to look for gasoline, and then stand. But there are no queues for gasoline at 69 UAH/l. (Ceiling reached?) Relatively well in the West. The worst is in the East and partly in the South,” Kuyun wrote.

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