Ukrtelecom has restored the war-damaged infrastructure in Kyiv region

Ukrtelecom specialists carried out more than 220 repair works at the core level of the network, transport and distribution networks in the Kyiv region.

This was reported by the press service of Ukrtelecom.

Also, during the infrastructure repairs, more than 4.5 thousand meters of new fiber-optic lines and 20 units of partially or completely destroyed station and line facilities were laid.

The work was performed in coordination with the State Special Service, the Armed Forces and units of the SES.

Repairmen often looked for new ways to damage the sites, bypassing broken crossings and roads, restoring equipment without centralized power supply in areas marked “mines”.

In total, the restored optical Internet network covers more than 35,000 households in various districts of Kyiv region.

It will be recalled that as a result of the war in Gorenka, almost 1.2 thousand buildings were destroyed, of which more than a thousand are residential and homestead buildings. Losses from the destruction of these buildings amount to 1.37 billion hryvnias.

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