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Background: UltaHost is a web hosting company that offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions. It also offers domain registration, email hosting, and SSL certificates. The company has been in business since 2018 and operates accounts from data centers in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany.

Starting price: $ 3.08 / month

Currency: USD

Go online: https://ultahost.com/

Review summary and ratings : 4.5

On paper, the plans described by UltaHost can be quite tempting. This is especially true for their cheap plan shared hosting or wordpress hosting. The cost is very low, and UltaHost does not penalize those who do not want an extended contract. There is no harm in taking them for a spin at just $ 3 per month without any contract and free website migration.


  • All UltaHost plans run on NVMe storage
  • UltaHost uses cPanel
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • There is no overselling policy
  • Free malware scan
  • Free daily backups
  • One-stop web hosting service


  • Coherent messaging
  • Annoying live chat pops up

Professionals: What I like about UltaHost

1. All UltaHost plans run on NVMe storage

Interestingly, Ultahost offers web hosting plans to all customers based on faster (and more expensive) NVMe technology. These drives run ten times faster (in some cases 20 times faster) than mechanical drives.

Solid state drive (SSD) technology has been around for some time, and costs are significantly lower. However, SSD and NVMe drives tend to be more expensive than conventional mechanical drives. This is why some web hosts are willing to migrate completely to this drive.


2. Using UltaHost cPanel

cPanel is one of the best web hosting panels worldwide and an easy and powerful way for users to control their web hosting environment. Unfortunately, the price of the license has gone up, leaving several hosts there with the cPanel alternative platform.

It’s nice to see that UltaHost is committed to the user experience by offering cPanel-based web hosting. I’ve tried several control panels for shared hosting, and cPanel is my best choice, even if it’s more expensive.

The universal cPanel standard only applies to their shared hosting plans. If you sign up for VPS, you’ll have to choose between Hestia, Plesk and cPanel. Each comes at a different cost, mainly due to differences in licensing fees.

3. Even shared hosting gets a 99.9% uptime guarantee

While a 99.9% uptime is not unique to UltaHost, it is good to see that they are committed to this standard for their shared hosting plans as well. In many cases, you will find that web hosts are often shy about guaranteeing unless you have one of their premium plans.

4. There is no overselling policy

UltaHost points out a “No Overselling” policy in various places throughout its website. If true, this is an excellent point to target potential customers. Many web hosts often overhaul hosting plans, especially cheap plans like shared hosting.

This means packing more clients than realistically supporting each server. The theory is that many do not fully utilize their resources, allowing for a balance of performance.

Sadly, this means that servers are often overwhelmed and under stress where performance declines. This makes the “No Overselling” policy significant here. Unfortunately, I did not find any mention of this in their Terms of Service. It exists only as statements made on specific UltaHost web pages.

5. Free malware scan

You don’t have to worry too much about the integrity of your files on UltaHost as it includes free malware scans. You also get periodic reports on the health status of your web hosting account. You can do this with the launch of the free plugin WordPress and other applications, it is still good to get it for free.

Following this idea, you will also receive emails protected by SpamExperts. UltaHost claims to use “100% clean IP” addresses, so your emails are less likely to bounce because of the spam block list.

6. Free daily backup

Many hosting companies offer some types of backups but what you get at UltaHost is quite extensive. Their free backup system comes in a 7/30 day cycle and the data is kept offsite for extra reliability.

You can manually perform backup restores with a 1-click system. If you need help, their technical team can recover it on your behalf for free. I would say it seems to be one of the more comprehensive backup systems offered by the host at no cost.

7. UltaHost is a one-stop-shop

You can find everything you need to run a website on UltaHost. Although they do not include a free domain name, you can buy one from them. In addition, other services are available, such as email hosting, sitlock, commercial SSL certificate, and more.

UltaHosts works in a partnership model with external partners for some of these services. An example is the marketoo service partnership with its SEO. If you sign up for it, you can get a basic SEO audit and deliver the plan to your doorstep (figuratively speaking).

The strangest thing that UltaHost has to offer is their VPN service. While this is understandable for a company that operates servers, VPN business is quite different from web hosting. In addition, their VPN service is far from cheap.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of UltaHost

1. Somewhat inconsistent messaging

At times, it can be hard to believe what is shown on the UltaHost website. I find website messaging inconsistent enough to make me a little uncomfortable. For example, content that alternatively claims 99.9% uptime in some places while saying “perfect uptime” and “100% uptime” in others.

Context There are dubious claims about “20X fast server” without any specific reference. For example, I can claim that my Honda Civic is 20X faster than a bicycle. In short, there is a lot that seems to be a marketing hype.

Response from UltaHost

It’s 10X faster because of UltaHost’s shared and VPS hosting NVMe SSD + 20GB port speed + Xeon Gold CPU or AMD EPYX CPU [for our hosting servers].

NVMe is a next-generation storage disk with 6 times the throughput then solid-state drives (SSDs) and 100x faster than the average HDD, the technology provides higher storage, higher speeds and higher compatibility.
– Dr. Haitham Dheya, Altahost


2. Live chat popups are annoying

If you spend time on the UltaHost website, you will soon discover that their live chat pop-up is a constant annoyance. Every time you close a window, it pops up on every page you visit. UltaHost simply can’t take a hint that you want to stop that pop up pop up.

The first few times were annoying, but you probably won’t want to see their website again at the end of a session.

Response from UltaHost

This has been resolved. We were updating the website and it was fixed a few days ago.
– Dr. Haitham Dheya, Altahost


UltaHost price and plan review

UltaHost offers a wide range of web hosting packages. Even at the top of the scale, this company distinguishes between VPS hosting and VDS, or Virtual Dedicated Servers. I will focus on some more common choices to simplify things.check more

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