Update for Galaxy Watch4 “broke” the work of smart watches

Recently, Samsung released a firmware update for Galaxy Watch4 series gadgets. Shortly after installing it, smartwatch users encountered technical issues that prevented wearables running Wear OS 3 from working properly.

According to numerous reports from Reddit users, after installing the update, the gadget breaks pairing with the smartphone and does not allow re-synchronization. In some cases, only a complete reset of the watch helps with the loss of all data, including payment information for Samsung Pay.

The existence of the problem was also confirmed by the journalists of the Android Police portal, who sent a request to the press service of Samsung, but they failed to get a quick response from the representatives of the vendor. Any solution to the problem, in addition to performing a hard reset, has not yet been found. Smartwatch owners are advised to refuse to install updates until the appropriate patch is released – or be prepared to restore data from a backup after a reset.

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