US completes testing of Hatchet high-precision projectiles for drones (photo)

The development was conceived as a cheap, but high-precision weapon.

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The American company Northrop Grumman has completed a series of tests of the Hatchet high-precision minibomb for drones. Janes reports.

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Ammunition weighing 3 kg is designed to arm drones. Despite its miniature size, the projectile has a semi-active laser homing head. The development of Hatchet was partially sponsored by the Pentagon.

During the tests, the mini-bombs fell within a two-meter circle, showing 100% accuracy. According to the developers, the development of ammunition is completed. Now it will undergo certification, the platform for this is already ready.
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The developers are positioning the development as a cheap, but high-precision weapon for small drones. Hatchet is launched from an RQ-7B Shadow UAV. It will be able to carry 4 miniprojectiles. Plus, he has the ability to aim a projectile at a target using a laser pointer.
UAV testing
UAV RQ-7B Shadow

Recall that in the United States they are testing a new tactic for combat UAVs: they will attack a target like a wolf pack.

Earlier, Focus wrote that Ukraine received Switchblade kamikaze drones, which successfully destroy equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. Special Operations Forces showed footage from one of these drones, which served its purpose.

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