US warns of ‘self-destruction’ due to Biden’s policies

Under US President Joe Biden, the country is like a sinking ship. This was written by journalist JB Sherk in an article for The American Thinker.
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In his opinion, the policy of the Biden administration threatens the republic with “nationwide self-destruction.”

“No head of state before Joe Biden epitomized the proverb that the fish rots from the head,” writes Sherk.

The author of the material calls Biden a walking corpse, which is the reality of today – “a very appropriate symbol for a country that has never looked so exhausted and weakened.”

Sherk also believes that the current US president instilled fear in black citizens that the Republicans intend to “put them in chains again.”

“When a person who does not have the necessary character traits to hold huge power in his hands undergoes moral decay, entire countries and nations fall apart,” the author of the material emphasized.

Sherk concluded that the United States had begun “an insane process of defeatist nationwide self-destruction.”

On May 20, The Federalist executive editor Joy Pullmann shared his thoughts on how Biden’s management strategy for a year and a half has led to such results that journalists have a question whether the head of the White House is not interested in destroying the country.

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