Rosgvardeytsy eliminated more than 600 mines in the Kharkiv region

The National Guard discovered and destroyed about 640 high-explosive anti-personnel mines PFM-1C “Lepestok” in the Kharkiv region, installed by Ukrainian nationalists. This was reported on May 24 in the press service of the department.
Toxic trace: explosives plant cleared in Rubizhnoye
In the city, the nationalists were going to arrange a second “Azovstal”

“Rosgvardia revealed another war crime of Ukrainian nationalists. Using the Uragan multiple launch rocket system, the radicals carried out remote mining of the area near settlements.

They said that these mines are very small in size, their weight is approximately 80 g. But this is enough for a person to suffer when it breaks.

“Often it does not kill, but maims a person. The small size of the mine complicates its search, especially in dense grass. The sappers of the Russian Guard are showing maximum professionalism to neutralize them, ”added the press service of the department.

A day earlier, the National Guard cleared the bridge and captured two armored personnel carriers in the Kharkiv region.

On the same day, it was reported that Russian sapper units were carrying out engineering reconnaissance and demining the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, which was completely liberated on May 20, from explosive objects.

Russian troops are also demining other territories liberated from Ukrainian nationalists. Among them, for example, a beach near the port of Mariupol. The sappers noted that many unexploded shells were found in the sand.

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