Viber blocking in ORDLO is an attempt to get rid of alternative information sources

This was reported by the Center for Combating Misinformation at the NSDC of Ukraine.

The CPD report emphasizes that the Viber messenger is quite safe for use in the occupied territories because it guarantees encryption of correspondence and calls.

However, this does not suit the current “leadership” of ORDLO. As a result, the “power” of the temporarily occupied territories was decided to block the messenger. In this way, the criminal “leadership” of the ORDLO is trying to control or restrict the freedom of expression of citizens living in the occupied territories.

The CPD warns that the actions of the invaders are a manipulation to enhance the influence of Russian propaganda on people in occupation, the method of isolation of them from the truth.

Earlier it became known that the so -called “DNR” and “LNR” blocked Viber.
Also, the “servant” Bezugla, who initiated the bill on the execution of the military of the Armed Forces, said that he was doing at the front.
In particular, the scientific editor “VOCS Ukraine” reported that sanctions against the Russian Federation do not operate immediately, the effect will be at least a few months.

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