Viber has new features and moderation

Viber announced the emergence of new features in user channels for audiences and content creators. It was decided to ensure the safety of the audience by joining the messenger to the EU Code of Conduct to eliminate hate speech on the Web.
What’s New for Channel Members

Comments for the exchange of views and discussion of burning issues. Enabling / disabling comments is left to the discretion of the channel administration.
Planning publications for the advance preparation of texts and their publication at the time specified by the author.
A “secret” list of participants, access to the content of which will only be available to admins (users will only have access to information about the total number of participants).

Rakuten Viber Launches New Channel Features and Signs European Union Code of Conduct to Prevent Hate Speech and Protect Users

A special bot has been created to convert communities into channels. After switching to the channel, it becomes impossible to “roll back” back to the communities. Previous correspondence during the transition is saved in its original form and is available for review by channel members.

The Viber management also signed the EU Code of Conduct on combating hate speech on the Web. This means that the company has committed itself to monitoring, analyzing and removing messages containing signs of hostility, hatred and discrimination.

By signing the above document, the company committed itself to interact with the European Commission’s Legal Directorate General, EU consumer protection authorities and specialized NGOs. If aggressive or humiliating content is identified, any of the channel members can mark the post as inappropriate. During the day, moderators will check the content of the content and take appropriate action if necessary.

The involvement of specialized NGOs will allow Viber to increase the protection of the audience from hate speech, according to a press release released yesterday.

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