Vilfand warned about dangerous weather in the suburbs

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand spoke about the dangerous weather in a number of Russian regions, including the Moscow region.
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According to a specialist in an interview with TASS, on Friday, May 27, intense rains, thunderstorms and strong winds are expected in the Moscow, Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan, Tula regions.

According to NSN, extremely unfavorable weather is expected in Tatarstan, where heavy rains with hail will pass, and the wind will increase to 15–20 m/s.

In the Sverdlovsk region, heavy rains with thunderstorms and large hail are predicted. The wind is expected to increase to 25 m/s, the Zvezda TV channel notes. The same weather will be in the Kurgan region.

In all these regions, there is an “orange” level of weather danger, the 360 ​​TV channel reports.

Earlier in the day, weather forecasters spoke about the weather in Moscow and the region on May 27. According to experts, cloudy weather with clearings is expected, as well as short-term precipitation. A southerly wind is forecasted at a speed of 7–12 m/s and gusts up to 17 m/s. Atmospheric pressure will be 736 mmHg.

On May 25, weather forecasters warned of the beginning of a long rainy period in Moscow from the second half of this week. According to the Gismeteo portal, it will rain every day until June 4th.

On the same day, Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the situational center of Roshydromet, in an interview with RT, spoke about the weather in the capital until the end of the month. According to him, by the end of the week the weather will be cloudy with clearings. The specialist noted that +10…+12 degrees are predicted from Thursday to Friday at night, in the daytime the thermometers will show from +16 to +18 degrees. On the night of Saturday, May 28, it will be cloudy, sometimes rainy, the air temperature will be +6…+11 degrees. On Saturday, at times rain and +14…+19 degrees. On Sunday the air will warm up to +21 degrees.

On Monday, the temperature will rise to +22 degrees, in some places it may also rain. On the night of Tuesday, May 31, at night the air temperature will be +8…+12 degrees, in the daytime – from +19 to +24 degrees.

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