‘Vision of Hell’ was captured on video by a severe tornado storm as lightning flashed overhead

The severe storm swept through West St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, causing the death of a 30-year-old woman who stopped on a road to avoid power lines and was hit by a truck

Minnesota: Sirens warn of severe tornadoes and lightning

Lightning flashes across the sky in horror-movie-esque video during a severe storm that brought tornadoes, flooding and hail and claimed the life of a woman.

The vision of Hell was captured by a resident peering from the safety of their home as the weather raged overhead.

The short clip resembled scenes from horrifying horror movies as the house is surrounded by thick trees while a siren warns of tornadoes in the background.

To make things even more spooky, lightning flashes constantly while thunder rumbles.

He wrote on Twitter: “Taking a quick look outside – constant lightning, heavy rain and tornado sirens going off in West St. Paul.

“I can hear hail hitting the roof, but I’m not going out to see how big it is!”

He later reported: “Lots of rain and lightning to come but warnings here in West St. Paul have expired.

“Fortunately the trees all stayed upright and the power stays on.”

One person replied: “Straight out of a horror movie. I hope you are safe!”

The severe storm was responsible for at least one death when a 30-year-old woman died in a car crash caused by downed power lines.

The vehicle had stopped to avoid the obstacle when it was hit by a truck traveling in the same direction. Four other people were injured in the incident, one seriously.

More than 21,000 people were without power in the southern Minnesota city, despite warnings more were to come.

Xcel Energy said in a statement: “Hundreds of employees and contractors are on site today to restore power and that number will increase to 700 this afternoon as more storms hit tonight.”

Several spotters reported tornadoes as the worst of the storm, although all with winds of around 80 mph were thought to be around the EF zero rating.

Earlier this month, a terrible tornado was caught on video ripping through a city, leveling homes and buildings in seconds.

The Twister made landfall near Wichita, Kansas in the United States before moving toward the city of Andover.

A storm chaser captured video of the moment as it sped through the city of around 15,000, showing the destruction it wreaks in moments as homes are swept into its vortex.

Based on the damage assessment conducted by the National Weather Service, the tornado is believed to have been rated EF-3 – the third highest rating.

Its winds are believed to have reached 165 miles per hour.

Incredibly, despite the heavy damage inflicted on the city, no one was killed.

A shocked viewer replied: “This is hands down the most terrifying video of a tornado I’ve seen in my life.

Peak tornado season in the US is between May and July.


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