Vivo Y33s has 50 MP camera and 5000 mAh battery – review


The model is delivered in a relatively compact white cardboard box with a mature and even definitely strict design – a minimum of bright inserts plus the absence of illustrations, including the smartphone itself. At the same time, various data on the merits of the model were displayed on the walls. In addition, there is information about the manufacturer. So, no matter what fate awaits the box, after unpacking, it is worth spending some time to study everything mentioned. This is what we will do next.

Information from the walls of the box

Apparently, vivo designers do not like excessive pathos, at least as far as the decor of packages for the company’s smartphones is concerned. The white canvas is appropriately complemented by a stylish blue name placed on the wall in front, and the same logos on the “sides”. All this looks good in its own way, but without too much pomposity.

In addition to the name, the labels of the amount of RAM and built-in memory were also placed on the top cover. There is also a stylishly depicted vivo logo.

There is more data on the back: a list of key features of the model, marking, information about the manufacturer, the representative office of the company in Ukraine, plus many more. other interesting “things”. In short, worth a look.

Contents of delivery

I can’t help but admit – I always liked the packaging of vivo smartphones – this is one of those manufacturers, buying smartphones of which, you get them in full, let’s say, “ammunition” – from a charger adapter and a silicone case to a really good headset. And in the case of the Y33s, there are also no exceptions – a case, a charger, a headset, a paper clip, documentation, and even a protective film on the screen.
Specifications for vivo Y33s

Hardware – 8-core Helio G80, Mali-G52 MC2, 4 GB of RAM;
Display – 6.58-inch IPS, 2408×1080, 20:9;
Built-in memory – 128 GB;
Operating system – Android 11;
Communications – IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0;
Main camera – 50 MP, f/1.8 + 2 MP, f/2.4 + 2 MP, f/2.4;
Front camera – 16 MP;
Navigation – GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo;
Battery capacity – 5000 mAh;
Dimensions – 164.3 × 76.1×8 mm;
Weight: 182 g.

Materials used in the case

Here I immediately hasten to disappoint, although STOP! rather, to surprise those of our readers who decided that vivo Y33s case uses plastic in its classic design. Of course, the material in terms of tactile and visual impressions is similar to plastic. However, its performance is much stronger, there are no scratches on the surface (tried with a coin) and even more, a fall from a small height does not cause damage. Offhand, I met something similar in the Nokia 7.2 smartphone, which I used for almost two years. By the way, a very successful smartphone in everything except, perhaps, the “running” of the OS itself.

In addition to the material mentioned above, it is also worth noting the metal edging of the main camera unit plus glass.

A glass backing covers the cameras at the back. In addition, Panda/SG Glass is applied to the front of the Y33s. The side frame is plastic, and the manufacturer made the buttons on the “sidewall” on the right side metal.

Build impressions

While reviewing the build quality of the Y33s, I carefully tried to find at least a little, let’s say, proof that the manufacturer saved money here. However, my “search” was not crowned with success.

Color versions

vivo Y33s is available in two colors – “black mirror”, “midday light”.


Looking at vivo Y33s, one would like to say: “Yes, not only Huawei has learned how to make smartphones beautifully”! Say what you like, but we have a model with a really pretentious appearance. And you know what is the most interesting here? Personally, I can recommend it for a wide variety of ages – from adolescence to 50+, and this recommendation is unlikely to be erroneous, because before writing this conclusion, I double-checked it more than once. In a word, here, as well as in terms of assembly, there are no complaints.


Despite the extremely thin bezels around the screen on three sides, the 6.58-inch panel is still for two hands. Yes, you can partially work with the “tube” using the fingers of the holding hand, but full control will not work here. Can this be called an inconvenience? Rather no than yes, because everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that a smartphone is for two hands!

Almost the entire front panel was given over to the display. Three classic Android buttons are located on the function bar. Just above the screen in a drop-shaped cutout, it is easy to notice the front camera peephole, above which is a thin mesh of the conversational speaker.

The most remarkable “thing” of the front panel can be called the block of the main triple camera. Everything has already been said about the numbers in this regard in the table of characteristics above. Among other things, it is worth noting the vivo logo and a double flash.

A paired volume control button was placed on the right edge. A little lower, there is also a power on / off button, in which the manufacturer has integrated a fingerprint scanner. I hasten to note right away that I didn’t have any complaints about the scanner’s work during all the months of tests.

At the top end there is a container with “seats” for SIM-cards and a separate one for a memory card.

Finally, on the bottom is a USB Type-C port, a speaker grill, as well as a miniature cut-out for the built-in microphone and a 3.5 mm jack.

Screen. Numbers

As I said above, vivo Y33s comes with a 6.58-inch screen. Resolution – 1080×2408 pixels. The aspect ratio is 20:9. According to official data, the screen is made using In-Cell technology. The front panel area covered by the screen is 90.6%. As for the color gamut, it is 96% of the NTSC palette.

Impressions from the display

The matrix implemented “on board” is of very decent quality. First, it provides good visibility from corners. Secondly, no matter how hard I tried, I could not see a noticeable deviation of shades at the maximum tilt, both horizontally and vertically.

In addition to the above, there is excellent sensitivity, and even to a casual touch. Separately, I note support for 10-finger multitouch.

I also liked the behavior of the screen when bright sunlight hits the panel – the “extinction” of shades in this case is not at all critical, and therefore you will hardly need to run around looking for a darker place.

Of the interesting things in the settings, the ability to automatically and manually adjust the brightness, work in eye protection mode, adjust colors according to several preset parameters, and more. others

Built-in memory

vivo Y33s is available with 128 GB of internal memory. What volume here is initially occupied by the OS and technical files, and what is available to the user, see the illustrations below.

Expandable built-in memory

The user can expand the “regular” volume using microSD cards (or its high-speed modification), with a maximum volume of up to 1 TB. Everything has already been said about the location of the slot above.


Built-in battery capacity 5000 mAh.


Battery life was tested using the popular Battery HD benchmark. The results are below in front of you.

Battery charging speed

vivo Y33s supports fast battery charging, for which the manufacturer provides an 18W accessory. It will take up to two hours to reach 100% charge. By the way, if anyone is interested, Y33s also supports reverse wired charging.


The smartphone model from vivo considered in this review has two separate speakers – conversational, as well as a speakerphone. For the location of both, I have already said everything in one of the sections above.

Sound quality

The sound without claims, and even without positioning. Good volume, both in speakerphone and conversational dynamics, purity at the maximum, and another important “trifle”, which ultimately allowed us to get a good result. It’s all there and it’s done great.

Sound settings

As for the settings, the most interesting section is the “Custom Sound Effects”, the functionality of which allows you to customize sound profiles based on the characteristics of your hearing. These settings can only be applied while listening to content on a headset or headphones. The manufacturer has already pre-installed several profiles to choose from, the number of which, if necessary, can be increased independently.

Operating system

The vivo Y33s is running Android 11, on top of which is the proprietary shell from the smartphone manufacturer – FunTouch OS 11.


The “heart” of the system is the 8-core processor Helio G80. In the “company” with him graphics Mali-G52 MC2 and 4 GB of RAM.

Wireless modules and interfaces

Regarding wireless modules and interfaces, Y33s is rich in IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo.

Performance Testing

Performance testing was performed by a number of popular testers. The results are right in front of you.

Conclusions and impressions

As a result, we have an excellent offer in its price segment with a worthy combination of assembly, design, performance and stability of the terminal in the “running” of a very attractive price tag.

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