We tell you how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

Bluetooth is one of the most common wireless standards these days, making it relatively easy to connect everything from game controllers to a keyboard, mouse and headphones to a computer, so turning it on will be a very useful thing.

Conveniently, the process of turning on Bluetooth in Windows 10 takes just a few clicks, so you’ll be ready to connect as many devices as you need in minutes.

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Short version

Open the Settings menu
Go to the “Devices” section
Click “Bluetooth and other devices”
Move the Bluetooth slider to the On position

Step 1. Open the Settings menu

First you need to open the settings menu. To do this, either go to the Start menu and click the gear icon, or enter “Settings” in the search bar below.

Step 2: Go to the “Devices” section

Once in the main settings menu, you will see a panel with various settings. When we turn on Bluetooth, click “Devices”.

Step 3: Click Bluetooth and other devices

After opening the “Devices” section of the main settings, go to the left side, where you will see the sidebar. From there, click the top option labeled “Bluetooth and other devices.”

Step 4: Move the Bluetooth slider to the On position

When you get to the “Bluetooth and other devices” menu at the top right, you’ll see a slider to turn Bluetooth on or off. To turn on Bluetooth, set the Bluetooth slider to On, which should turn blue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another way to turn on Bluetooth?

You can also turn on Bluetooth in the Windows Action Center – it can be found in the lower right corner of the taskbar next to the clock, and it can be defined as a tooltip icon. When you click in the action center, click “Expand” to see the full set of tiles – one of which should be marked “Bluetooth”, and to turn on Bluetooth, click on the tile. It should turn blue when it is on, or gray if it is not.

How do I add a Bluetooth device?

After turning on Bluetooth, you can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, and more. To add a device, tap “Add device” in the Bluetooth settings and select it from the list.

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