Horizon, Resident Evil Village and other games are released on PlayStation VR2

The latest demonstration by Sony State of Play gave an idea of which games will support the launch of the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) headset. Neither the price nor the release date of the headset has been announced yet, but at least we know what games to expect.

Guerilla Games has demonstrated combat and roundabout gameplay in its upcoming exclusive game for PSVR2 Horizon Call Of The Mountain. As in the console game, it seems like there’s a hell of a lot of climbing, and the visuals look stunning. I was most intrigued by the seemingly pleasing battle with the bow, and I wonder how the game copes with the complex management of virtual reality in the midst of action against these mechanized creatures.

Capcom is releasing a patch for Resident Evil Village that includes virtual reality support on the PSVR2 headset. Like Resident Evil 7, the Sony headset offers exclusive virtual reality capabilities for Capcom’s first-person adventure horror. Capcom has not announced an exact release date for VR content, but it looks like a good time. We’ve seen how the main character Ethan can throw a weapon between his hands like a shooter, and that’s all I want to do when playing a first-person virtual game.

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