Weapon of Victory: Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled guns soon in Ukraine. What is known

On April 26, 2022, Germany confirmed that it will provide Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. This is a significant increase in defense, in particular, from attack aircraft.

What is Flakpanzer Gepard

– self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle is designed to protect armored units from air attacks.

Details and benefits

– based on a modified chassis of the main German Leopard tank;

– hits air targets flying at speeds up to 350-400 m/s at slant ranges from 0.1 to 6 km and at altitudes up to 3 km;

– has two radar antennas – a general search radar in the rear of the tower and a tracking radar;

– two 76-mm smoke grenade launchers for camouflage;

– the tower is capable of turning in a full circle, equipped with two 35-mm Oerlikon GDF cannons;

– the engine and transmission of the system can be replaced in 20 minutes. in the field.



– height – 3.29 m;

– length – 7.68 m;

– width – 3.71 m;

– weight – 47.5 tons.

Engine MTU MB 838 CA M500 Diesel.

Speed ​​- 65 km / h.

Power – 610 kW.

Rate of fire: 550 rounds per minute (each of two guns), continuous firing time before running out of ammunition 37 seconds;

Ammunition – 680 shells:

– 2×320 for air targets,

– 2×20 armor-piercing for ground targets;

Crew – 3 people (driver, gunner and commander).

How much will be delivered to Ukraine

– about 50 cars.

Where the system is in service

in Brazil, Romania, Jordan.

Who used the system before

– Belgium, Chile, the Netherlands.

Why were withdrawn by Germany from use in 2010

– they were replaced by newer Wiesel 2 Ozelot combat vehicles.

Text: Alla Roenko


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