Weekend Relaxation – Yoga Primer-4

The perfect balance between heat building, calming breath work and meditation
Be guided through a mindful movement, meditation and visualisation practice. We focus on developing body, mind and breath connection and awareness.

The class commences with breath work and movement, designed to build heat, strength, tone, balance and flexibility in the body and mind.

The class will then move into slower paced, longer hold postures. We will use the breath to calm the body and mind, exploring mindful movements and gentle stretching.

The class ends with a beautiful, guided meditation, visualisation and yoga nidra practice (often referred to as ‘yogic sleep’).

This class is the perfect way to spend your lunch hour, bring some calm to your day, and sets you up for a calm afternoon ahead.

Suitable for all bodies, ages and stages of life, beginners to advanced yogis.

Mats, blocks and blankets provided.

Feel free to bring your own mat, props and eye mask if you desire, or anything else that supports your practice.

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat and guiding you through your Yang & Yin Yoga practice.

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